Vegetation Establishment


Vhashumi Land Reclamation primarily specializes in effectively establishing vegetation on disturbed and degraded landscapes in order to protect the topsoil as well as promoting biodiversity. We have unmatched capacity in inducing germination on barren soils as well as on exposed rocky surfaces. Vhashumi prides itself in its capability of facilitating the primary ecological succession of plant communities from pioneer successional stage throughout to the final late successional stage. Our intensive knowledge on ecological succession of plant communities makes it very easy for us to handle disturbed landscapes which usually require secondary ecological succession. It should be noted that uncovered fertile and productive soils can be easily eroded by water or wind, subsequently imposing severe consequences on the entire environment.

Vhashumi Landrec applies various vegetation establishment methods which include new technology in its endeavour to curb these undesired phenomena such as land degradation, which may eventually pave way for a rapid desertification in the region.  Land rehabilitation is very close to our hearts; hence we are not profit-driven, but rather driven by the passion for protecting vulnerable bare surfaces, so that they can be able to withstand any environmental onslaughts. When given an opportunity, Vhashumi Land Reclamation guarantees vegetation growth and a basal cover not less than 85% on any kind of a project. Moreover, in instances where the vegetation cover is not satisfactory (≥ 0.5m2 bare patches); we subsequently take necessary measures to ensure that acceptable vegetation cover is achieved at no extra cost to our clients.

Uncovered fertile soils are easily eroded by water and wind. We play a vital role in establishing and diversifying vegetation; which subsequently serves to stabilize topsoil on the area, and most importantly attract living organisms to inhabit those rehabilitated areas.

We specialise on various methods of establishing and diversifying vegetation on vulnerable bare and/or disturbed areas. These methods include, but not limited to the following:

  • Hydro seeding
  • Broadcast seeding
  • Sodding
  • drill seeding
  • Tree planting
  • Vetiver planting