Landscaping and Garden Services

Vhashumi Landrec CC. has magnificent expertise in Landscaping as well as in Garden Services. What sets us apart from our competitors is not merely the degree of our competence and dynamism at any given time, but the fact that we strive to become part of the family – our clients’ successes ultimately become our own successes.

On most of our landscaping projects, we normally adopt a turnkey approach so as to save costs for our clients. We have the competence to undertake the entire responsibility of a landscaping project, that is, from landscape designs through to implementation and completion of a project.

You never get a second chance for a first impression – that is, either with customers, investors or the general public at large. It is a common philosophy that,if the exterior of the company looks inept to you, you may inevitably assume everything else about the company is inept”. Since Vhashumi is well aware of the fact that you as its client will never get another opportunity to make a memorable first impression, it is thus, geared towards making this positive impression a success, by means of designing and maintaining an attractive exterior of your property. Vhashumi will certainly make your garden smile to your visitor in a welcoming manner, hence, at a very competitive price.

The exterior of your facilities say everything about you and your business, which is why we are so determined to ensure its aesthetical appearance stand out of the rest, i.e. at all times. Vhashumi will surely give you a peace of mind with respect to the exterior of your property – hence leaving you with ample time to worry about growing your business instead. Vhashumi will certainly take care of the exterior-appearance of your business, whilst you worry about how it looks inside. Our task is to ensure that the exterior of your facilities is welcoming, both to you and your clients (customers).

Vhashumi considers every project an opportunity to partner with its client towards achieving the key objectives of the client’s business. We moreover, collaborate with your business in setting an incomparable standard which would be definitely used by every visitor as a yardstick for an eye-catching aesthetic view.

We provide expert solutions to problems or challenges pertaining to landscaping and garden services. We also take into consideration the uniqueness of your business, which is why we fundamentally design your garden uniquely; however most importantly customizing it to suit your needs as well as the desired outlook. Basically, your wish is our command – when given an opportunity we demonstrate our outstanding capacity in shaping surrounding landscapes into an appearance that you will always appreciate and be proud of. Vhashumi guarantees that its exceptional workmanship on the exterior of your property will be cherished for years before considering any revitalization plans.

We specialize in designing exceptionally beautiful landscapes which are cordially inviting to your guests as well as most importantly, adding value to your property. Our prices are very competitive – nevertheless, you are guaranteed to be given the best value of your money. When given an opportunity, Vhashumi will distinctly shape the exterior of your business facilities into a very attractive hard and soft landscape ever to be seen.

Vhashumi has the knowledge and skills for installing lifelong irrigation systems as well as undertaking systems maintenance across the country. We specialize in installing automatic and manual garden-watering systems which are basically water conserving. Since we are well-versed in respect of the scourge of water scarcity in the Southern African region, we have hence equipped our teams of landscapers with water management skills so as to alleviate the pressure on our clients, the local municipality as well as the natural environment itself.

Vhashumi uses very durable and reliable irrigation controllers as well as necessary accessories which give our clients the value of their money along with the peace of mind.

We are passionate about the services we render to our clients, and similarly very obsessive about the significant outcomes resulting from our consummate site operations. We confidently strive to build long-term, mutually profitable relationships with all clients that give us opportunities to do business with them, despite the project size. We are always there for our clients in times of need, hence going an extra mile to meet their unique needs. Our clients are guaranteed excellent services.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and unmatched competence in providing exceptional garden services and maintenance. We are young, but not insignificant. As small as we are, the industry is already feeling our momentous presence.