Land Reclamation


Vhashumi is completely devoted to reclaiming disturbed landscapes rendering them productive yet again. Land reclamation is a process of restoring damaged land in a given area back to its original state. Vhashumi Land Reclamation CC. has the capacity to successfully reclaim land covered by water back into a usable landscape, usually for food production and development.

We use tried and tested artificial techniques to rehabilitate eroded landscapes which includes disturbed marginal wetlands. Although, it is rarely possible to return depleted environment back to its natural condition, the reclamation process usually attempts to bring some degree of restoration. This re-engineering process does not merely restore damaged land, but can also improve the soil condition.

The process of reclamation can be very costly, more especially if the affected area is contaminated by toxic chemicals. However, Vhashumi always gives its clients the value of their money. We deliver in this respect beyond the expectation of the clients.

Vhashumi applies different measures of Conserving Soil, namely:

a. Agronomic measure, which manipulate vegetation to minimise erosion by protecting the soil.

b. Soil management methods, which focus on ways of preparing the soil to promote good vegetative growth and improve soil structure in order to increase resistance to erosion.

c. Mechanical methods, which manipulate the surface topography in order to reduce wind velocity and turbulence. This includes the creation of protective barriers against the wind, such as wind-breaks, fences and shelter belts of vetiver grass or trees and shrubs.