Hydroseeding is a process of applying sticky slurry of mulch, seed mix, soil ameliorates, soil tackifying agents, etc. over a prepared surface using a hydraulic powered machine called a hydroseeder. This kind of an operation is the fastest and most effective alternative way of planting lawns and veld grasses on diverse landscape surfaces. Vhashumi adds some soil binders and tackifiers which play a very vital role in binding the well-mixed slurry onto the scarified surfaces pending the germination process.

Hydroseeder is a well-designed tank fitted with a very powerful pump and effective mechanical agitators for proper mixing of slurry. It is capable of throwing the mixture as far as 80 metre away, however in cases where the tower gun cannot reach, an extension hose is used as an application alternative. Hydroseeders are normally mounted on a truck or trailer depending on their size. The slurry subjected under pressure is then sprayed over the scarified ground through a tower gun or an extension hose.