Eradication of Alien Invasive Vegetation


Invasive Alien Plants can be defined as the exotic plants that were deliberately or otherwise introduced into a specific non-native area, and have the capacity to infest to a degree that can eventually trigger environmental degradation. These non-native plants have the potential to permanently transform the landscape as well as disrupt the local ecosystem, thus consequently threatening biodiversity in such infested location. As an environmentally cognizant company, Vhashumi also flexes its muscles towards the eradication of alien invasive vegetation in an endeavour to preserve the native biodiversity. We have the ability to identify invasive alien plants among native vegetation as well as necessary skills and knowledge to completely eradicate these unwelcomed plants. Our site staff is well-trained to apply both physical and chemical methods of eradicating invasive alien plants, unconditionally.

We also do bush clearing for our clients, which subsequently gives native vegetation a competitive edge to outcompete rival invasive plants on their respective properties. Vhashumi has so far successfully completed a number of bush clearing projects for mining companies across the country. These projects have given us any opportunity to participate in rehabilitating disturbed ecosystems for the benefit of the posterity.