Our Environmental Assessment Practitioners have the necessary expertise in environmental legislative compliance. Vhashumi’s consulting division is more leaned towards conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) which is essential for the reduction and/or elimination of negative effects/consequences during the implementation of developmental actions. Basically, we conduct these Assessments so as to identify the potential negative consequences resulting from a new development (programme or project); as well as to outline the mitigating measures which must be applied during the entire existence of that particular project. Our consulting division has sufficient capacity to carryout complete and sound Environmental Assessments (EA), throughout the country.


We are cost and time-saving, hence we collaborate with experienced environmental specialists so as to minimise the risk of delays and appeals prior the environmental authorisation. Vhashumi’s Environmental Practitioners are well-resourced to undertake an Environmental Assessment which would be able to successfully guide the entire developmental programme or project right from its Initial stage throughout to its completion stage. We are well-verse in dealing with processes of both Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Our consultants have vast experience in drafting a monitoring plan or an environmental management plan which by law is required to be submitted together with EIA.

We are a reliable environmental consultancy that takes into cognisance the desires of its clients, which is to save time and costs when applying for environmental authorisation.