Company Profile

Vhashumi Land Reclamation CC. is an environmentally cognisant company established basically to rehabilitate disturbed terrestrial landscapes as well as to strategically mitigate the resultant negative effects of economic development such as, the rapid land degradation and loss of biodiversity along with the relentless depletion of natural habitats. Vhashumi Landrec CC. specializes in establishing and diversifying vegetation on environmental disturbed landscapes, which essentially include the following sites:

Operational Mineral Mines, Post-Mined Landscapes, Newly Developed Areas, Construction sites, Discard Dumps/Landfills, just to mention a few of our target market. Vhashumi was basically established to actively participate in addressing detrimental environmental issues, particularly, the land degradation issue, which may subsequently set in motion an irreversible phenomenon called desertification especially in arid and semi-arid regions. We cover and revitalize the topsoil in situ so that it can be able to withstand any of its aggressive onslaughts, for that matter. Moreover, uncontrolled surge of the above-mentioned environmental issue can most definitely become inevitably problematic to vulnerable present and future generations.

Vhashumi Landrec CC. is determined to curtail the scourge of land bankruptcy, which if unattended to, may consequently drive the entire human population onto a permanent downward spiral. Hence, controlling soil erosion through the Establishment of Vegetation in situ is one of the key services we render to our clients. Millions of hectares of topsoil are lost to erosion each year with the African continent coming second to Asian continent in this respect. As an environmental conscious entity, we constantly and unsympathetically strive to reverse these phenomena which pose a mass extinction threat to the biosphere. Basically, “when” and “where” soil erosion occurs is significantly determined by the degree of erosivity of the eroding agent as well as the erodibility of uncovered soil particles, particularly on steep surface. However, human activities are mostly responsible for altering the latter. Therefore, Vhashumi profoundly prides itself in its expertise in reducing the erodibility degree of soil particles on various surfaces as well as improving soil structure thereof. When given an opportunity to rehabilitate a piece of land, we do not regard ourselves as rendering a service to a client, but rather to the mother earth herself.

Vhashumi is equally devoted in promoting sustainable development through environmental education which seeks to develop a world population that is aware of; and concerned about the environment and its associated problems, such as land bankruptcy. We are very anxious about land bankruptcy – a situation in the near future whereby our soils would be unproductive and barren, thus threatening food security and far worse the biodiversity. Hence, we are striving to properly rehabilitate every piece of land disturbed. Our environmental approach however, is amazingly holistic – frequently taking both the biophysical and human environments into thoughtful consideration, most importantly for the benefit of future generations.

We are an environmental service entity that is well-equipped with vast experience, knowledge, skills as well as the technology for inducing seed germination even in unfavourable conditions. Vhashumi guarantees vegetation growth to its clients, irrespective of the geographical situation of the project, and/or the climate for that matter.

Vhashumi Land Reclamation is a fast growing company with a level one BBBEE accreditation scores. We are an environmental service business established on the values of giving back to the future generations, chiefly, in respect of sustaining land productivity. We do not only take the guidance from the clients’ specifications for the projects, but we however, go an extra mile and deliver exceedingly beyond expectations, since we ecologically understand the aftermaths of substandard rehabs. Vhashumi could not simply wait for the well to dry up first; hence it rose to the occasion. We passionately render mitigating services to our clients with the primary aim of ensuring that they eventually realize the objectives outlined in their Environmental Management Plans (EMP).

Vhashumi Land Reclamation CC. is staffed with zealous and resourceful environmental consultants, managers, officers as well as horticulturists that are passionately devoted to preserving and conserving imperilled nature and natural habitats.


Our greatest objective is to partner with our clients on their environmental rehabilitation efforts – hence sharing their risks in that respect, but most importantly celebrating their successes, nonetheless. We play a very pivotal role in identifying environmental aspects and applying innovative and corrective measures in such regards, so as to ensure the sustainability of all environmental media (water, air and land).


This environmental service company is currently 100% owned and controlled by Vhashumi Land Reclamation CC. We aspire to strategically make significant acquisitions in the near future for expansion and growth purposes.


We strive to become a forefront environmental service company that dynamically leads in terms of combating land bankruptcy and restoring natural ecosystems.


Our mission is to:

  1. Offer quality and uncompromised environmental expertise to our clients.
  2. Reclaim all unusable or quiescent land for the benefit of present and future generations.
  3. Pass the bright shining environmental-friendly torch to coming generations through environmental education.
  4. Ensure sustainability through changing humanity’s attitude towards the environment as well as through the establishment of native vegetation on disturbed landscapes.
  5. Restore degraded terrestrial ecosystems back to their productive state for the posterity’s sake.
  6. Provide incomparable horticultural services which guarantee an exceptional aesthetic appearance of landscapes.